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Braided Line Vs. Monofilament Line:

How it going guys?! Today’s video slows it down a little bit to take some time to truly put popular fishing line to the test. Today, we discover which line is stronger overall, mono or braid? There are many previous opinions out there with regards to which is better, mono or braid? But what I ask is that you watch this video with an open mind and take the findings of this video into your own ways. I certainly prefer certain brands and types of line over other but what happened in this video did shock me a little bit. To day we tested the strength and other abilities of monofilament and braided fishing line to ensure that we all are using the correct line for the correct purposes. Also, Christmas is fast approaching, so :I had to throw in some dope footage of my SICK tree. Hope you all are having a great Winter break and are catching bigger and better fish than I am catching (none) In the near future, there will be some fly-tying videos dropping and hopefully some hunting/ice-fishing videos as well. Keep an eye out for some new mini-series that will be coming and also some collabs with fellow YouTubers. Feel free to COMMENT below what your favorite type of line is and how you reacted to this video and make sure to SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed this video and wanna see more from me! Thank you and as always have a great day!

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New York Trout/Salmon Video:

Other Informative Fishing Videos:

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  1. Connor H

    February 25, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    What line do you guys use??


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