Tackle Warehouse discusses the new Seaguar Flippin’ Fluoro & Flippin’ Braid fishing line with Elite Series Pro Chris Zaldain at the 2015 ICAST Show in Orlando.

Tackle Warehouse, one of the leading online fishing retailers, takes you behind the closed doors of the world’s largest sport fishing trade show – the 2015 ICAST Show in Orlando, Florida. The International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, better known as ICAST, is where the fishing industry introduces the newest products and latest innovations for the upcoming year.

Closed to the public, Tackle Warehouse delivers the most extensive ICAST video coverage on the web. We interview the actual pro anglers, engineers and product designers behind the new products to give you the most in-depth look possible at this year’s newest tackle.

Join Tackle Warehouse at the 2015 ICAST Show in Orlando, Florida and check back at TackleWarehouse.com for all the newest ICAST gear and tackle.

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