In this Major League Lesson, MLF Pro Angler Ott DeFoe​ talks about fishing a small topwater bait on a spinning rod set-up.

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  1. Musical Gear

    February 5, 2019 at 5:44 pm

    I have been using Spinning reels for at least 20 years. Now I also use baitcasters but I use my spinning reel set ups for almost every application. Under normal settings and circumstances I use spinning reel and rod combos for weightless plastics, spinner baits, jerk baits, and some crank baits. I also use my baitcasters for most all of these except for weightless plastics and the lighter baits. I have won numerous tournaments even before the world as it seems, caught on to the use of a spinning reel while bass fishing. I remember the guys saying that spinning reels were "sissy" reels. And I always loved counting my winnings in front of them. Sure, spinning reels are best used for some things but they can be used for most anything. In fact, the largest hybrid striper I have ever caught , 16+ pounds, was on a spinning reel set up using a 1.5 ounce jig. My point, dont get stuck in the mud trying to imitate others. Go at it the best way that YOU are comfortable. Maybe you like baitcasters better, maybe not. I have no preference personally, but I have learned through the years that making my own way, seemed to get the fish in the boat. Now this is not saying that I have not learned from others because oh boy, I have. But I just notice how, in many cases, that it is almost an absolute as to the uses of the two reels. When in fact, in most cases, either could be used. Spinning reels can actually be used for most every application and work well. This is just an opinion coming from a guy who owns more baitcasters than spinners so take it as such. I guess seeing Defoe seem to be trying to explain his self here on this video sparked this reaction. In summary, do YOUR thing.


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