Livingston Lures is committed to bringing fishermen everywhere innovative, technologically advanced lures designed to flat-out catch fish in fresh and saltwater. With an exciting new line of crankbaits, lipless crankbaits, topwater baits, jerkbaits and wakebaits featuring unique sound and vibration technology, Livingston Lures is set to make some real noise across the fishing industry.

Even the best fishing products need business experience, strong support and aggressive marketing behind them for lasting success. Livingston Lures is backed by the strength of SPFM L.P., a leading global distributor of consumer products since 1986. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas with distribution centers throughout the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama and Germany, SPFM L.P. employs more than 300 people worldwide, has 400,000-sq. ft. of offices and warehousing, and boasts an expanding fleet of 30 owned and operated trucks. Our business success is based on getting products to the marketplace, on time, with the automation, technological and personal support expected from a world leader.

An aggressive marketing program will ensure that fishermen everywhere see, hear and read the Livingston Lures message. Our national advertising campaign will include primetime TV spots and “in-show” airings on major national sports TV networks, as well as fishing and outdoor print media. We’ll also be actively involved in high-profile national fresh and saltwater tournament trails, supporting the events as well as our participating pro anglers.

Understanding the fish-catching success of Livingston Lures requires an “inside look” at these premium hard baits developed by avid angler and inventor Robert Castaneda. At the heart of each Livingston model is a proprietary internal sound chamber that emits a combination of sounds designed to attract fish and trigger aggressive, reactionary strikes. Advanced rattles inside the chamber send out underwater vibrations as the lures are worked, which are picked up by the lateral lines of predatory gamefish to draw them in for a closer look. But this is just part of the story.

Livingston Lures also feature exclusive electronic sound technology that, when activated by water, periodically emits a “croaking” noise that simulates the natural sound of a panicked baitfish. Not dependent on lure motion, this feature gives Livingston Lures an added sound component that “calls” to fish even when the lure is suspending or sitting motionless.

Many new Livingston Lures models add yet another key visual component to trigger strikes from fresh and saltwater gamefish — internal LED lights in the lure’s eyes or tail. Activated by water, these lights softly and naturally fade in and out and cycle repeatedly with the electronic baitfish “croaking” noise.

“These lures are not about gimmicks,” said Castaneda. “We’ve created hard plastic lures, designed to call the fish, that meet the highest standards for realism, swimming action and quality construction. Then we’ve added new technologies for extra sound and visual attraction, to trigger more predatory senses in gamefish. And we’ve done it at price points that are comparable to other premium baits, making them affordable for anglers and profitable for dealers.”

Looking ahead, the Livingston lures team of Castaneda, SPFM L.P. CEO Fred Battah and COO Basil Battah, have exciting plans for product line expansion based on the company’s proprietary technology. Anglers and the fishing tackle industry can expect even more innovative lures on the horizon — along with the distribution and marketing experience and commitment to ensure their long-term success.

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