Tie Braid to mono Double Uni Fishing Knot Tie Braid Mono Tutorial Double Uni Fishing Knot Leader Used for Lure casting . When rigging Fishermen should learn to tie this Knot when on the water its a handy knot to use. a Double uni Knot is one the most used knots. A Simple Viedo Tying Fishing Braid to Mono this is A Handy Knot to use when casting Lure’s Or conecting Heavy Leader’s To your Fishing Line .
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tutorial Fishing Tying Knots To connect Leaders to Brain Fishing Line . Step By Step i Tie a Uni Knot to help Improve your fishing the knot is a Must when bait fishing or Lure casting Recorded in 4k Video to Help Get a clear Picture When Rigging this Knot .
How to Tie Snapper RIgs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3W6KOezmKk

Snapper Rigs How to Tie : Fishing Rig Video How to Tie a hook Snapper Fishing Rig using uni knot Snell Hooks.
10 Flasher Rigs Pre-Made Paternoster .
I tie a Uni Knot Then a Snell Knot This Fishing Rig is Widely Used & Is One Of My Favorite’s to Use in Port Port Phillip Bay & South Australia When Spring Fishing For Australian Snapper . The Video Contains Step By Step Hand tieing The Uni Knot & The Snelled Twin Rig Part .
Flasher Rigs : I Also Discuss Another Type Of Fishing rig Called A Paternoster Dropper Rig.

10 Flasher Rigs Pre-Made Paternoster .
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Pre-Made Snelled 60lb Leader Twin Hook rig http://goo.gl/sorscv Made By Reedy’s Rigz .
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Port Phillip Bay Snapper .

This Video Is shot In 4k to Help you Follow along & tie your Snapper rigs it’s An easy rig to fish & Highly Recommend fishing it in snapper season 2017 .

I use this Snapper rig For winter snapper As you Can see in the Intro we Have Excellent Result’s I fish Port phillip bay , South Australia’s St Vincent gulf & Also Over in W.A The material’s I use to Create this snapper Snatchers Rig is 60lb Jinkai Leader I use a Size 1 Ball Sinker Mustard Big Red suicide hooks . Some Lumo bead’s I Picked Up from Snapper fishing tackle Made by Reedy’s Rigz .

Unit Knot : I Tied the Uni Knot First because it gives your Bait Pilchard Protection the Snelled part of your Rig .
Full Rig tying Guide Below For PPb

Snapper Rig Best Fishing Rigs Season 2019 Tackle video

This fishing rig is commonly used in Australia Bay’s Such as Melbourne Port port Phillip Bay in Spring Snapper Season . Brisbane Offshore Coastline and Morton bay in Queensland for winter snapper. Also a hot favourite tying this rig Perth W.A Reds .
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