Our Black Bayou™ rod series is “the” fishing rod that bass fishermen have been asking about … USA-made, no frills, no gimmicks, just plain ol’ Cajun-common sense when it comes to your next “Go To” fishing rod. Powerful, Durable, Sensitive, Dependable … these four simple words best describe our Black Bayou™ line of rods and we know you will too! Balanced, tuned, and engineered around our hard-core Cajun Fiber X-treme™ (CFX™) rod blanks, the Black Bayou™ series fishing rods are slammed with performance you’ll love to fish!

First things first. Black Bayou™ is “Made IN THE USA.” OK, now you know we’re not skimping on quality, let’s talk about Black Bayou™ fishing rod series. Cajun Custom Rods® has been designed the Black Bayou™ rods to do one thing, and one thing only … catch fish. Cajun Custom Rods® didn’t design this series to be fancy, overpowered, and overpriced. We did however, design the spinning and casting rod line-up in the Black Bayou ™ rod series to “get er’ done” when it comes to feeling that light bite, “let er’ rip” when it comes to hook sets, and “hammer down” as far as fish-fighting and landing control is concerned. Black, Black, and more black help to maintain a “low-pro” while you’re landing fish after fish — but don’t let the simplicity of these rods fool you. Each Black Bayou™ fishing rod is fulcrum-balanced, tuned, and precision-aligned on our proprietary Cajun Fiber X-treme™ (CFX™) rod blanks and leverage the following technologies:

– Designed by an American company and Made in the United States of America
– Cajun Custom Rods® split grip handle system design = less weight and enhanced sensitivity
– Premium Duracore™ EVA contoured rear grip = dense, durable, comfortable
– Cajun Custom Rods® PowerBump™ butt cap and foregrip (to protect your assets coming and going)
– Casting Reel Seat: solid-body, blank-through, graphite = durable and keeps your finger in touch with every vibration
– Spinning Reel Seat: American Tackle AERO solid-body graphite = power-palm with ergonomic design
– CFX™ Smooth Taper-Transition™ (STT™) technology = ultimate in vibration pick-up/rod sensitivity
– CFX™ Smooth Core Micro Lattice rod tube engineering = light weight, big power, sustained durability
– CFX™ Integrated and Reinforced Linear Carbon fiber design = reactive hook sets
– CFX™ Intermediate modulus graphite = unparalleled rod balance
– Kigan 3D stainless steel rod guides = Durability + Overall weight reduction + Enhanced sensitivity
– World-class Kigan Master Hand ceramic guide rings (Coalite) constructed with 3D-press technology = handles any mono, fluoro, or braid effortlessly
– Kigan Master hand XLA stainless steel hook keeper = drop shot to handle 7/0 flipping hook and a ported hole to hold small hooks and trebles
– Lifetime limited warranty backed by Cajun Custom Rods®

So no matter how you fish, the Black Bayou™ freshwater spinning/casting rod series from Cajun Custom Rods® are loaded with performance from end to end … and at 1/2 the price of their nearest competitors. If you want the best fishing rod for your hard-earned money, then Cajun Custom Rods® has just your style: “Black Bayou™ … country boy tough!”

CFX-844MHF-C (BB) Casting Rod Specifications:
7′ | Medium Heavy Power | Fast Action | 10-17 lbs | 1/4-1 oz

CFX-843MF-S (BB) Spinning Rod Specifications:
7′ | Medium Power | Fast Action | 8-15 lbs | 1/4-3/4 oz

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